Sunday, July 31, 2011


Since at this time of the year, the NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING website gets an average of 500 to 600 visitors daily, I'm sure many of you are confused over not being able to pull up the website. You can thank Homestead Technologies for that, that web hosting service has to be the absolute worst in the business.

The good news is, that we are rebuilding with another hosting service, and we think you will like the format much better, which makes it easier to access muzzleloader hunting video clips...and to link to muzzleloading product TV commericals. By the end of next month, we should have the site back to around 30 pages...and to 50 or 60 pages by the first of the year. By this time next year, NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING will be back to an equal or greater number of pages, with lots of great load data and ballistics.

More New Material Will Be Added On A Regualr Basis Than At Any Time In The Past...So Visit Often At Our New Web Address...

The manner in which Homestead Technologies robbed us of more than 12,000 hours of time spent researching, testing, photographing, building website pages, promoting, and publishing on the old site over the past 7 years is not going away without being contested.

Following is an e-mail letter sent to Justin Kitch, c.e.o. of Homestead...


I have been a customer of Homestead for 7 years, and would be remiss if I did not share with you how disappointed I am with Homestead Technologies.

Since 2004, I have invested more than 12,000 hours researching, testing, writing and publishing on my Homestead hosted websites hundreds of article and reports. Recently (in June) I was building a new website in conjunction with one of the companies I do some product design, testing and marketing for, and received notice from Homestead that my "accounts" were going to be disabled...due to the fact that they could not bill a $19.15 charge to the credit card covering my accounts.

And that, sir, is a bullshit lie!

That card is always kept paid up, has never once been maxed out, and was being used while travelling during the very same time period that your billing department claimed the card was invalid. We've checked our card account, and there was not an attempt from Homestead to bill the card.

What gives?

Now I cannot even go onto my sites, even though the account has been paid up until late January 2012, to retrieve and save the articles and reports published there.

I have contacted one of the top attorneys in the U.S. to seek reimbursement for the time I have devoted to these websites, specifically, at the rate of $25 per hour. If we cannot resolve this problem, that is exactly the route I will be forced to take.

Toby Bridges
Missoula, MT 59801"

Any of you needing to contact me in regards to muzzleloader performance, please use the following e-mail address:

I'm looking forward to sharing muzzleloader hunting information and load data for the next 7 years...hopefully much longer.

Toby Bridges


  1. Hope you get more out of your reimbursement than you put into writing for it, Toby! Take the scoundrels to court and make them pay!

  2. Thanks Jes;

    No one should ever build a website through Homestead...the company is as crooked as they come, and they have no ethics whatsoever.


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