Monday, June 25, 2012

Should There Be Separate "Traditional Only Muzzleloader" Seasons?

Muzzleloading has certainly changed a great deal since I bought my first .45 caliber percussion Kentucky round ball rifle at the ripe old age of 15. When the performance and capability of that rifle and what I'm shooting today are compared...there is no comparison...other than both load through the muzzle. We now have muzzleloader big game seasons in EVERY state but one - and that's the state where I now live... Montana. In most of those states, the muzzleloading hunter can participate in those seasons shooting just about as modern or as traditional a rifle and load as the individual hunter wants.

There is now a fear among many that the traditional side of muzzleloading is in danger of being totally lost. Do you share that fear...and do you feel there should be separate "Traditional Only Muzzleloader" big game seasons established to try and save that side of our sport?

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Please leave a comment on this topic - whether you shoot and hunt with a traditional muzzleloader or a modern in-line muzzleloader.

Toby Bridges